Thanks For Making Me Miss My 80 GB PlayStation 3, Person of Interest

You know why I have mixed feelings about Final Fantasy XIII? It’s not just the long corridor I recall running along in for hours. Or my dark secret that I don’t despise Hope. No. It’s that Final Fantasy XIII destroyed my 80 GB PS3. Person of Interest’s season 5 premiere just had to remind me about my long-dead console.

The Little Things That Trails in the Sky SC Does Are Just Precious

Whenever I wander into houses or businesses in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC, I marvel at a specific detail—the chests which are perched on cluttered, or organized shelves. They’re parts of the scenery of an enriched world, in which sprites’ homes feel lived-in and cozy. These chests are also out of…

The Mario & Luigi Series' Super Cool Box Art Captures More Than Just Fun

In their 2D and 3D platforming adventures, Mario and Luigi have personalities as thin as paper. Thank goodness for their RPG games, in which Nintendo’s iconic brothers get deeper stories to be heroes of, and personalities that shine. The box art of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam continues a trend in showing that blessing.


I Don't Regret Buying Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival

By many accounts, I shouldn’t enjoy Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. Nintendo’s latest ‘board game’ outing is far from exciting—lacking the tense moments of cut throat, stressful mini-games and competitive play as with their other familiar game concept in the Mario Party series. That’s probably exactly why I like it.…