Let It Die Composer On Creative Process, Silent Hill, And Suda51. Oh, And Persona, Too

What would the soundtrack of a brutally violent, post-apocalyptic Japan sound like? In Suda51’s latest, Let It Die, it’d be a rock playlist of Japanese Indie bands hand-picked by Silent Hill music legend Akira Yamaoka. But for these current times, Yamaoka would recommend listening to Dizzy Mizz Lizzy.

I Couldn't Be More Excited For The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II

In 2016, the Trails series became a personal savior of JRPGs, thanks to its intriguing lore, fun battle system, and sharp writing—proving the genre still appeals to this jaded player. Spending time with Trails of Cold Steel II at E3 solidified that. But I’m not the only one with love for Cold Steel’s Class VII.


Thanks For Making Me Miss My 80 GB PlayStation 3, Person of Interest

You know why I have mixed feelings about Final Fantasy XIII? It’s not just the long corridor I recall running along in for hours. Or my dark secret that I don’t despise Hope. No. It’s that Final Fantasy XIII destroyed my 80 GB PS3. Person of Interest’s season 5 premiere just had to remind me about my long-dead console.