The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II: The TAY Review

Rean Schwarzer and Class VII spend a lot of time in Trails of Cold Steel II waxing poetic about friendship and diversity affecting change on a country embroiled in a civil war. It’s an idealistic naivete that seems plausible—until Lieutenant General Craig undercuts hope with words echoing a harsh dose of reality.


Cultural Memories, Mischief, and Yo-kai Watch

Human capacity for evil and manipulation is one of the most terrifying things but the supernatural still raises goosebumps. Yo-kai Watch is not the best case for true scares but at times, it’s twisted enough to give me chills. What can I say? My childhood was filled with creepy stories, and the game reminds me of that.

Let It Die Composer On Creative Process, Silent Hill, And Suda51. Oh, And Persona, Too

What would the soundtrack of a brutally violent, post-apocalyptic Japan sound like? In Suda51’s latest, Let It Die, it’d be a rock playlist of Japanese Indie bands hand-picked by Silent Hill music legend Akira Yamaoka. But for these current times, Yamaoka would recommend listening to Dizzy Mizz Lizzy.