Happy Anniversary, Wii U. I Want to Like You More Than I Do

Truthfully, I don’t love you, Wii U. It’s not that you didn’t try. Super Mario 3D World and Mario Maker still make me smile. But mostly, my experiences have felt underwhelming. It’s why I feel torn, as you’ve given me one of the greatest moments of my gaming life. It’s the one I witnessed at the end of Splatoon. »Sunday 4:01pm11/22/15 4:01pm


Discovering Time, Space and a Love of Gameplay in the Charming Nova-111

I’ve always considered myself to be a particular sort of gamer: the kind who loves the stories they weave above all else, and the characters who carry them. But I discovered something about myself recently—I can just as easily love gameplay too. Thanks for opening my eyes, Nova-111. »10/30/15 10:34am10/30/15 10:34am

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer: The TAY Review

Tom Nook has been living the good life since 2002: the year my obsession with Animal Crossing began. I joyfully decorated my house, while doing everything to pay off Nook’s hefty housing loan. In Happy Home Designer, the grass isn’t greener as an employee of the grubby-pawed tanuki—I’m working harder than ever! »9/23/15 10:25am9/23/15 10:25am

The Amazing Music of Chrono Cross

We’re just one day away from a game’s 15th Anniversary North American release date. A game which some may not not wish to celebrate. No matter your thoughts on the divisive Chrono Cross, Yasunori Mitsuda created one hell of a worthy successor to Chrono Trigger in its soundtrack. »8/14/15 8:57pm8/14/15 8:57pm

Hotline Miami--Jacket Figure: The TAY Review

Kickstarter’s a place for all types of dreams: promising, unfulfilled, broken, realized. Some of those may be classified as Nightmares. The Kickstarter Hotline Miami Jacket Figure by Dennaton, Devolver Digital and Erick Scarecrow of ESC-Toy Ltd is the sweetest, most beautiful nightmare I never want to wake from. »7/08/15 6:00pm7/08/15 6:00pm