I received a package today that contained the Universe. Or members of the Universe... scary members of the Universe...


Wait! Don't behold! Oh snap. Now you can't blink AND you're going to be exterminated. Uh, sorry, guys. I seemed to have unleashed Angels (now with 10% more Daleks) on to TAY. Again (oo! oo! Maybe I'll unleash these on O-Deck as well. No! Bad Z, Bad!).


Thank you so much to Blade for these. They are a wonderful and beautiful surprise these cups. And how did you know that Swan and I love cups/glasses? It's a weakness of ours actually, so I smiled even more ridiculously when I opened up the box.

Speaking of Swan, she has no idea this came yet so I get to choose first. Muwahahaha...isn't that how it works? No?

I'm having a hard time though...


or Weeping Angel?

I'm fairly certain she will want that Dalek since I have been building her a small army for the past few years. Plus. Daleks.


This is the fight you wanted, right Blade? Well it's not going to happen because she'll peck my eyes out if I do not comply.

Thank you so much again, Blade. They will be well-used and well-loved.