Hello friends, a moment of your time if I may.

The other night, a couple of cool kids hit upon a brilliant idea. This is first and foremost a video game website, yes? But you know how we are around these TAY parts. We're a bunch of good people who share other interests as well. TV, movies, music, photography...whatever the case may be!


You may have noticed just this past week I started up a Dexter Club. Along with O-Deck's involvement, it seemed to have become a thing. Dexter is in its final season and I thought I'd start up a discussion and due to the feedback, I will continue to do so. Please feel free to join if you'd like. I'll be watching on Sundays and posting up a discussion on Mondays. (FYI: Airs Sunday nights on Showtime at 9 pm EST).

Now back to that brilliant idea from some of the cool kids around here. You know how awesome SYFY is? Sure it was more so when it was still called Sci-Fi but they still have movies of the epic ridiculousness in nature. And so resident hyper TAY resident, umm, Hyper wanted to see this movie: Sharknado. A discussion spawned and it was decided, why don't we have a TAY Movie night?


I'm not sure the logistics of how we would do such a thing. Talk to me, guys! What are we gonna do about this if we want to do this?

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