Greetings Dexter Fans, Former Fans, Future Fans and Welcome to the Beginning of the End!

If you're here, you've probably had some dealings with the Serial Killer you're not sure you should be rooting for. Who does that? How did a show manage to create such a character that you would actually want to watch each week and cringe when he comes dangerously close to being caught?


Or maybe you were completely turned off by such a concept. That's perfectly acceptable as well. It's a hard concept to wrap your head around.

Last night marked the first episode of the final 12 of Showtime's hit show Dexter.


After a whirlwind of a season ending finding Deb in what could only be the worst situation ever, forcing her hand and comprising her morals (and a stellar performance by Jennifer Carpenter), Season 8 starts 9 months after all hell broke loose.


It's a beautiful day. Dexter and Harrison are seemingly care free but as we soon find out, things are not too beautiful under the surface (as expected). There have been some major changes within Miami Metro. Deb's gone rogue, sort of and has been stuffing her nose full of cocaine.

Quinn's become incredibly useless as the seasons have gone by and I'm finding it really hard to understand just why he's there at all. He's no longer a threat. Someone please explain his presence to me?


And what of Dexter himself? It seems our calm and collected Serial Killer is not so calm and collected these days. Dexter's absolutely losing it as displayed by the two fits of rage in this episode. The second was particularly disturbing to me - raising his voice at Harrison is something I never thought he would do.

And what do we make of the scene when Harrison wandered off from the car? Were you on the edge of your seat too?


Then there are a couple of new issues:

1. There's a new Serial Killer in town. He or she has a thing for brain matter and a melon baller.


2. Could this new Doctor be that Serial Killer? It seems too obvious to me but the thought crossed my mind. At the very least, she's going to be a force to be reckoned with this season. It's a short and final season, so I'm happy that the mystery behind her was already resolved by the end of the first episode. She's no joke this one but it remains to be seen: friend or foe to Dexter?

Other Personal Impressions:

I have to say I felt the episode to be fairly lacklustre. It's setting up a season that's identical in formula to some of the previous seasons but you know, it's only the first episode. Things can spiral out of control quite rapidly on this show as regular watchers know.


I'm interested to see more of Deb's handling of the situation and indeed, this is going to be all rather hellish for Dexter as the season progresses.

His rock and stability in Deb is gone (brilliant scene with Deb by the way and the only one that really carried any weight for me when she was going on about how Dexter always needed her more than she needed him). And he seemingly has no allies right now.


Your thoughts on last night's episode? Yay? Nay? May(be)...Bay Harbor Butcher Assessment Scene with the new Dr. Vogel was spot on creepy?

Talk to me and share your thoughts on this case Fellow Blood Spatter Analysts!

What did the blood tell you?

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