Hello again, Dexter Fans, Followers, and Friends. Are we calling this episode, "What's Eating Dexter Morgan?" or are we calling it, "What's Eating Deborah Morgan?" Or "What is it that Harrison was eating (and did you want some of it as well?)?". Maybe we'll just want to put the lid back on the crock pot there...

In case you missed it, the week one recap is right here. While Week's Two recap may be found, over here. Enough of that, let's eat! I mean, talk!



So how about that comedy hour that was Dexter, hm? Who knew that Masuka needed a sidekick comedian to throw in punch lines for him in that new female cop? And why the writers relegate her to that role? Masuka is a comedian all his own.

True comedy genius always comes from Deb's mouth but the best comedic moment of the 45 or so minutes last night (really, Showtime?) was when Dexter tranquilized Deb. I laughed so hard!

But on to more serious things, and that's Deb's realization that she's a good person (at Dexter's little chat). So what does any good person do? They confess that they've murdered their captain, of course. Of course, being drunk and disorderly does not make one take you too seriously especially if that someone that heard the confession is Not-So Useless Quinn.


The written confession was scooped up by Dr. Vogel and Deb was scooped up by Dex and away they went! Dexter is going to leave his sister's 'therapy' to the hands of the 'expert' and I do not like the way she was looking at Deb's pills. Anyone else caught that?

Speaking of Vogel, is there anything not more heartfelt and thought-provoking than his and her presents of brain matter being delivered to your front door? What? You can think of infinitely better presents you can receive? What? You see what I did there? I have no idea what you're talking about.


Here's some more food for thought: Puppet Master Vogel as my sister and I are now inclined to call her, has Dexter checking up on all of her most vile patients. It's like a built in security and if one of them happens to be doing some killing on the side, it's the perfect way to continue her experiment to have Dexter get rid of said person while she takes notes on his behaviour.

Other Personal Impressions:

  • Did anyone else find it a little bit odd that Dexter was so appalled by the crock pot and fridge contents of that one guy? I don't know...it was pretty disgusting but I guess it's just one more step to beat you over the head that Dexter deviates from psychopath behaviour.
  • P.M. Vogel's very intent on reminding him constantly that he is self-absorbed and does everything for himself and that his 'love' simply cannot exist. Maybe that's her way of saying she cannot be wrong about her field of expertise or maybe she's pushing him further along in her experiment.
  • I'm taking bets: Who would win in a fight? Quinn the Slightly Useless or Young Indiana Jones? 'Cause you know that's coming.
  • We see what we want to see and deny all else: Words for Deb to strongly consider and hence her confession too and um, some times picture proof of your husband in a car with questionable photos (that Showtime just had to sully up in there for longer than necessary) are just not enough.

Anyway, that's it from me for this week. I watched the episode but did not really feel very engaged. I'm not so sure why that is but in case I missed something important you guys wanted to talk about, please let me know your thoughts on this case, Fellow Blood Spatter Analysts!

What did the blood tell you?

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