A most peculiar thing happened in the town of Tennant in the early hours this morning. The skies were blue and I was busily making my town to be fabulous to match the Fashionista personality my animals all claim I own. I picked some flowers for their move to their future homes, slapped down some tiles around the Town Square and then I inadvertently came to rest my Fashionista rear (clothed in a plaid, pleated dress ensemble) on the brick wall that encases the Town Square tree.

You remember that tree - the silent, sentient one that grew from the wee sapling that was planted the moment you were made mayor. The same tree that just keeps growing and surpassing the others in your town in its fantastically dull yet terrifying presence. It's the symbol of your new life, this magnificent tree that bears no fruit. It was after I planted my bum on the wall though that the tree parted its leaves and began whispering to me. A curious wind swirled through its leaves and it began bearing not fruit but all of my dirty secrets.

Wait, Chow? Who's that?


I don't think that's quite how it happened, 'my taking office' but okay.

Ah, yes. The Horse... don't remind me.


Oo, right. I've not visited Kicks for all my blue suede shoe needs. I wish that place was set up for the jokes though, seeing as Shrunk barely has any of those for me.

Shampoodle... Ruiner of good hairdos and lives. I shudder to think what is going to happen to my Suga'Face should I venture into the world of having make-up done.


Maelle...curse you. When are you moving out?

Can't get enough of that pigeon milk! Actually yes, yes I can. One drop is more than enough, thank you.


Ooohhhh, he moved in today. So that's who Chow is. I shall go greet him momentarily and decide if he's worthy enough to be a companion.

Hey, stop being so rude and covering up mah face, Ninty.

After the tree stopped whispering to me without so much of a goodbye, I wished to give it a piece of my mind for revealing just how much a slacker of a mayor I am and how shoddy my town is. However, I was more concerned that the heart-shaped pin in my hair did nothing for my outfit from that angle. I mean just look at it! It's as though someone stuck gum in my hair!