You know what's cool? Having friends in the U.K. I wish I had more friends in the U.K... But the ones I have now are pretty great! They send me things... At my request sometimes and I have to pay them back because that's only fair but you know, that does not mean they're not friends (frenemies, maybe)! They're friends because they care enough to go out of their way to pick things up for me and shake me down later (or sometimes, engage in an awesome trade of Jammie Dodgers!). Ah hah! Nah, they know damned well I'd do same for them! It's a bit like how if any one of my TAYers and Niners in the U.K. wanted me to ship some hot commodity Cheddar Bunnies to you guys, I totally would.

I might do it. Maybe.

Today, I spent a day at home getting over my cold along with my sister who now has one of her own. Did she get that cold from me? ...I plead the fifth.

But we caught up on the last two episodes of Doctor Who and wouldn't you know it? It was Doctor Who day, apparently! I got a nice envelope in the mail today that said "Do Not Blend".

Apparently there was some bamboozling going down at the postal office; and the postal representative inadvertently wrote "Blend" instead of "Bend". Either way, my package was neither blended nor bent. Awesome!


And inside was the greatest thing of all. Let me spam all of yous with pictures now!!!!!





Aaaahhh. Malekith! Can't wait. =D

Yes, my Doctor Who stamps have arrived via the TARDIS. Or the Post. Whatever. Stop paying attention to method of transport!


It matters not. What does matter is a big thank you to my friend, R. Thank you, friend!

Thank you, kindly.