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Z's 2018 Secret SanTAY Guide

Santa is thinking about that naughty list he got himself on.
Santa is thinking about that naughty list he got himself on.

Hai hai Secret Santa, and Curious Others!

The greatest time of year is almost upon us once more, and once again, I’m tasked with creating a wish list. This gets harder every year as I have so much and don’t truly need more ::proceeds to make a list as long as a $400 shopping receipt::

First thing, though: Thanks to everyone on TAY. Another year has gone by and despite all the craziness happening out there in our world, we’re here and we’re together in our little corner of the internet.


Sure, some of us have moved on or are in lurker mode but for all the new faces and old that I still see on the daily, thanks for everything. It’s been quite the year for me, and not necessarily in a good way but as always, love being here and able to chat with everyone, write, and just hang out for moments of sanity.

Okay, on to the mile long list now that the mush is out of the way.

Here are some ideas for ya! Some are out of the price range but if miracles happen, that’d be awesome:

Franchises I Like (Or Specific Things I Got Mah Eye On):

  • Hotline Miami - I’m still after the Hotline Miami 2 vinyl. It’s long sold out, no reprints planned, and when it was at retail, it was $60. Now it goes for like $300 on ebay. So a miracle would be cool!
  • Dragon Quest - This is the one series I really have next to nothing in terms of merch of. I don’t even have a slime plush or Slime PS controller! Not that I think a Slime PS Controller that’s Japan only would magically be $25. Anywwwaaaay. Dragon Quest stuff. I have all the games I need, I think. Except Dragon Quest Builders on Switch. I have it on PS4, loved it, and you should all play it! But I’d play the hell out of it again on Switch until DQB2 graces the West in 2019. There’s a DQ book that’s being released for the 30th Anniversary but that’s covered. Someone’s getting it for me already, so that’s out. So what do I want from DQ? Merch! Pins, figures (I’m partial to Metal Slimes/Metal Liquid Slimes) anything cool, really. Dragon Quest VII, Dragon Quest V, Dragon Quest Builders, Dragon Quest XI are my favorite games in the series.
  • Animal Crossing - again, cards. The New Leaf cards. I’m really looking for the Jack card. I don’t think the cards are really available anymore though, are they?
  • Mimikyu - This boy. To match my other boy I already have.
  • Or this boy, who is best boy.
  • Pins - So enamel pins from any of the franchises I listed are cool (except maybe HLM because I’m pretty sure I have all of the official ones already). Here are some I’d really appreciate: Monster Hunter, Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest, and Luigi. Etsy’s fine too, of course!
  • Giftcards - You know, I’m all about some Nintendo or Amazon Gift cards. There are a few games I’m looking to buy, like Into the Breach, Moonlighter, Sushi Striker, which I’m sure I’ll love. And a few more I need to pay off for like all those things happening in January I only just realized (T.T) Or maybe there’s a game you played this year that you’d absolutely recommend! I’m game.
  • Professor Layton
  • Pyre
  • Transistor - Maybe that cute figure of Red on Supergiant’s store might go on sale?
  • Bastion - Or the vinyl. (It’s the last one I need from Supergiant’s games)
  • Golf Story - vinyl
  • No More Heroes
  • Keep an eye on B0neface’s store... he’s the artist for Queens of the Stone Age’s latest album, and the upcoming No More Heroes. If a print from either of those two (QotSA or NMH) might be feasible....I’d really appreciate that. He tends to update sporadically though. Also note, he works in pounds because UK artist. Consider those awful conversion rates, and ensure you’re not over the Secret Santa spending limit!
  • LEGO - I love LEGO, the creator line is my favorite but LEGO minifigures are always welcome.
  • Dropmix Cards - I have very few expansion packs (like maybe only the target exclusive and toys r’ us. RIP for now)
  • Manga - I’m looking at you, Perfect Editions of 20th Century Boys. Don’t have a single one yet.
  • Final Fantasy - so you know that trading card game that sells out? I think I might need some boosters (and the base game because I don’t have it) if you ever came across! Maybe? Otherwise, my favorite games in the series are FFVII, FFTactics, FFV. My fav characters are Sephiroth, Kuja, any of the Tactics crew, Cactuar (really any of the monsters) (like say they were to reissue some figures)
  • If you’re crafty, I’m totes cool with a handmade gift from any of the franchises I listed.
  • Artwork/Prints - I recently set up a gaming space, and while I don’t have much wall space left, if there’s a cool smaller print you think I should have from any of the series I listed, that’d be super cool too.

Please no t-shirts as I have way too many.

I think that’s it? If you have any questions, ask around (GBD is a safe bet), or just leave a comment here (with a burner or get someone to do it, so you don’t give yourself away!)

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